Now How Exactly Did You Become an Atheist?

wondering2I was contacted by Linda LaScola of the Rational Doubt blog.  They’ve already featured me once before.  She recently wrote to me in an email:

Linda: Your blog offers vivid descriptions about how becoming an atheist affects your life, but it doesn’t focus much on how you actually got to be an atheist. Please tell me about that.”

Yes, much of my coming out story highlights the “why” I’m an atheist but I haven’t gone much into the “how” I actually became one.

Today on Rational Doubt they publish my “how”. I found it interesting that she teased out the impact of modern media in my deconversion.  A little Public Radio, a little Spotify, a little website…. I didn’t catch on to that.  Very interesting indeed.

Later this week they should also publish a follow up interview.


3 thoughts on “Now How Exactly Did You Become an Atheist?

  1. You write: “This was not your average atheist troll; this was a man who knew the Bible better than I did, who had taught the Bible better than I had, who eventually realized that he couldn’t believe anymore.”

    I’ve met few atheist trolls and I deconverted 10 years ago. Most know the bible better than Christians. I feel very, very thankful that pastors, such as yourself, encouraged me to study the bible. It played a huge role in my deconversion.

    Btw, I think Linda rocks. Congratulation on being featured. 🙂

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  2. I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Quiet Company. I have been a staunch atheist for a few years now and haven’t found a band I liked until now.

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