Coming Out of the Atheist Closet


I didn’t even make this. This image already existed on the internet!

If you’re on this page you’re probably new to my blog.  I’ve already started slowly coming out to very close friends and family and telling them I’m an atheist.  Here are the links to those stories:

Part 1 – The first friend I told

Part 2 – The second friend I told

Part 3 – My wife day 1

Part 4 – My wife day 2

Part 5 – My old roommate

Part 6 – My wife day 3

Part 7 – My wife day 3 continued

“Yesterday” – when the dust was starting to settle in my house

“5 out of 5 friends agree I’m not an atheist…?” – dealing with the denial of others

We Talk About the Why – I begin telling my wife why I became an atheist

The Story of My Deconversion – On the phone with an ex-pastor who lends an ear

Telling Someone like me – Telling my only atheist ex-pastor friend

Then there came the time when it was no longer in my hands, somebody decided to out me.  We call this person The B**** That Shall Not Be Named (TBWSNBN)

Potentially Outed

ICYMI – Being Outed: Deleted Posts Revisited

The Updates Keep Rolling In

Shutting Up TBWSNBN…Temporarily

Emotional Validation, Swearing, and Good Advice

Stomach Twisting Stress

In Kevin’s Office


Outed Update

Outed Convos in Brief


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