Hiding out in the open

So I’m a professional pastor who is a closeted atheist.  I’ll come here to write my thoughts. Maybe this will help me.  Maybe this will help someone else?  But I just started this so this is all I got for now.


3 thoughts on “Hiding out in the open

  1. Hi. I’m there, too only a 20 yrs older. I just read the next article about the woman at Christmas. I find that people who have doubts will instinctively gravitate to you because they know you won’t be mean to them.


    • One thing I’m glad I did was constantly telling people it’s ok to have doubts. Well before the abandonment of my faith I was open about having doubts and encouraged others to be the same. I think that’ll pay off big time in the end. Thank goodness someone encouraged me to teach that way.

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