Another guest post by my wife.  It’s both tough and relieving to see her struggling and gradually letting go of the faith we both shared. – PNF


Let me start with the social media post that pissed me off!!

My sister: “This has got to be allergies. There’s no way were all sick again!!”

Her friend: “Lavender, peppermint and lemon are great oils for allergies, garlic is also good and honey from your area. I had a “cold” for a month and was so miserable but tuned out it was allergies! I was going to massage school at the time and trying to think with a stuffed up head and brain was horrible but God healed me!”

WTF!! Look, I grew up in a charismatic church. I mean everything you hear about those crazy fuckers I saw. Speaking in tongues, people dancing with flags, people falling over, people being made to fall over by other people, prayers that last 3 hours and so on. One thing I learned is God can heal. Yes, I have experienced “healing”.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis and a missing vertebrae when I was 12 and our church met every day for two weeks and prayed over me. EVERY DAY! When I went back in for the next stage of testing the doctor was speechless. He showed my “sperm donor” father the scans from 2 weeks prior and the scans from that day and there was nothing wrong. He couldn’t explain it. The “sperm donor” told him I went to church and they both agreed it could only be God. YEAH someone in the medical field and a drug dealer said it was God.

I am still “healed”. I have never had any other issues with my back unless you count being pregnant.

Healed, free of ailment. To me and what I was taught, that means it’s completely gone. Allergies can be treated and they can go away for a time BUT guess what…they fucking can’t be healed. God healed you from your allergies, fuck you bitch. I’ve had asthma and allergies from as long as I can remember. They go away if I remove myself from what I am allergic to but it’s still there. On the back burner waiting for that damn cat to appear again. So in my opinion god didn’t heal this lady. All those oils she put in her body and time did, not god.

I wanted to reply to this posting but I know it wouldn’t end well. I knew it would be one of those what came first arguments, the chicken or the egg. Because as all of you know, Christians don’t read their bibles. I seriously think that Christians use the word “god” like the all magical, cure all. (We should have an infomercial selling god in a bottle, rub this lotion on you and god will heal you. If those people can sell prayer pillows, why not god lotion? At least their skin will be soft. Lol)

Anyways, I have always been bothered by this idea of god curing everything and doctors aren’t needed.

My brother’s best friend was sick for months and no matter how many times we told him to see a doctor, he would reply “God will heal me or pray with me so I am healed”. Well after a few more months he was so sick he finally went in. The doctor told him he had testicular cancer and he had to have one removed. Guess what!! He was “healed”!! LOL and went on to have a son some years later. I never heard him say “God healed him”. Instead we heard him say he should have seen the doctor sooner. Huh ya think?!

Lately I have been thinking Christians are the dumbest and naivest people I have ever met.


11 thoughts on ““Healing”

  1. Having now finished reading this post, I’m intrigued. It sounds like your doctor said that when you were 12 years old, you grew an extra vertebra over a span of about 2 weeks. Isn’t that the sort of thing that should be international news in the medical community? Any idea why he didn’t write up a case study about you and submit it to various prestigious journals?

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    • Sorry for the late reply. I tried before and the website went all crazy. I think nothing was done because he couldn’t explain what happened and this way he didn’t look like an idiot.


      • It wouldn’t be that it was not your study?, or that you weren’t in the right position and the doctor couldn’t read the studies properly, or the doctor was wrong? where was the position of your missing vertebrae

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  2. Wait, wait, wait … they sell prayer pillows? I’m assuming this is a pillow that someone prayed should have some kind of magical ability? That’s the ultimate in creating a middle man. “I could pray for you, but instead I prayed that you would get what you want after you buy my pillow.” I don’t know why I’m surprised.

    To try and summarise your post, if healing prayer worked, there wouldn’t have been such a massive increase in life expectancy with the advancement of medical science. Nor would there be such a disparity between the life expectancy in the West, and in Catholic South Africa, for example.


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    • Yes, there are prayer pillows and healing handkerchiefs. I’ve known people to “donate” money to these items because the seller suggested if you pray on this pillow “god” would answer your prayers. People are so dumb. And I agree with the medical advancements. If god made these people to investagate the human body and improve our livelihood, does that mean we shouldn’t use the doctor because they are not this all knowing being. I think not.

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  3. What your noticing is something I find extremely annoying as well. People are quick to credit “God” with good things, but always blame people or “Satan” for the ills of the world. Stephen Fry famously (infamously?) mentioned several examples is an interview with Gay Byrne. Also, people seem to credit their god based on only the most flimsy of correlations. “I was really tired, so I prayed. I went to sleep for 12 hours, and woke up feeling refreshed! God restored me!” Yea, it was God alright. It had nothing whatsoever to do with anything else.

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    • I couldn’t agree more. Brendan has said/asked multiple times, just after he told me, “why is satan everywhere but god is nowhere to be found?” At the time, I couldn’t answer and even now I don’t know. But I am starting to think that “Christians” love satan a lot more than they are letting on. Cause, holy crap, they talk about him a lot. And they act like he is more powerful than the god they love and worship.


      • Without Satan and the Hell Myth, the reason for traditional Christian belief starts unraveling quickly. Therefore, Satan is an MVP for the believer’s team. Never mind than an all powerful god would have wiped the floor with him centuries ago. 🙂


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