The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 5

The Nate and Sarah Saga: Part 3

About a month ago I went to the local gun show.  I thought that since I sell security systems, I might find some security conscious people willing to buy from me.

I ran into Nate and one of his sons.

Nate: Hey, how’s it going?!

Me: Umm, pretty good.  I’m just working.

Nate: You sell guns?

Me: No, no, no.  I still sell security systems, it’s just…

Nate: Oh, riiiight. Dude, that’s brilliant.  Smart move coming here.

Me: I thought so.

BTW, the church is one of our customers.

Me: Hey I was looking up the church account, and I think I know what’s wrong with that smoke detector down stairs.

Nate: Oh, man, about time.  That think won’t stop bugging us.

Me: Well, I can stop by and help you out with that.

Nate: That would be a great idea.  You know, we’ve also been talking about getting a card access system instead of keys.

Me: Yeah, that is a good idea, but it’s really expensive.

Nate: I heard it was like $2,000 a door.

Me: At least.

Nate: Well then we’ll have to have you out to look at it.

Me: You know that no one knows that fire system and that building like I do.  I keep telling various board members to call me directly.  I can help you out.  I won’t charge.  I’d really like to help.

Nate: That system is so old, I think we need to replace it.

Me: I don’t doubt it.  Listen, I’ll work commission free.  Just call me when you need something.

We chit chat for a while.  It’s very friendly, almost like nothing ever happened.

Me: I work right accross the street from the brewery now.  We should grab a beer after work sometime.

Nate: I’d love to.

I found out last week the church hired a separate security company to redo their system.  Thanks for the heads up, Nate.

Ironically at the same time as I get this news, Sarah calls my wife.  She wants to have coffee, this Monday, in my house.

Turns out my wife ran into them at the grocery store.  And they waved.  And said “hello”!  Stop the presses, hell just froze over.  They managed to muscle up enough grace to say the “h” word (hello).  Personally I’m surprised the Lord almighty didn’t smite them with lightning on the spot for talking to such heathens.

As my mom is fond of saying lately, “It’s an atheist miracle.”

While Sarah was texting my wife, my wife couldn’t stop shaking.  Anxiety was taking ahold of her.  I was talking to my grandfather (who is not long for the world) and I couldn’t intervene.  But apparently my wife agreed to the coffee date.

We really were good friends with them, and we do miss them, but I don’t see how we could ever be friends.  Unless they leave the church, and all their friends at the church, we’re never going to be comfortable with them.

I don’t know what my wife or Sarah are expecting,  I guess we’ll see.


2 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 5

  1. I understand where you’re coming from: these people abandoned you in your time of need without a shred of empathy let alone friendship (or any so-called Christ-like behavior). At the same time, remember what your wife thought of you when you first came out to her: she was scared and confused and felt that you had betrayed her and that your whole marriage had been built on a lie. I imagine that Nate and Sarah felt similarly, but because they didn’t live in your house, they could avoid you and didn’t get to see you behaving like the same person as always, and consequently it took them months longer to realize that it’s still possible for you to be a decent human being now that you’re more open with them. It seems plausible to me that Nate and Sarah are honestly doing their best to be your friends, and they just don’t know how to do that yet with an atheist former pastor because their view of morality is so ensnared by their religion.

    This is not to say that you should immediately forgive them. They betrayed your trust in just about the worst situation they could, and that will have irreparable consequences on your relationship. but perhaps they realize what jerks they’ve been and are honestly trying to make it up to you and to be halfway decent friends despite their recent mistakes. Give them a chance to try to redeem themselves.

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