12 Days of Christmas: Day 2

Ok, so it’s technically still Saturday so this counts.

Here we go:

A lot of people have asked me how I’m doing.  There are lots of questions behind that and lots of different ways to answer it, but since this crowd is funding my family, let me answer it financially.

When I left the church, they gave me 3 months severance including money to pay for private insurance (by the way, small churches and other small non-profits are COBRA exempt).  On top of that, I started a Patreon campaign which brings in an average of $275.  This money stretched well enough till I found my job in security sales.  By the time my first paycheck rolled in, about 4 months after leaving the church, I was definitely ready for some fresh income.

At no point in time was I desperate for cash.  Was I nervous, yes.  But that was primarily from not knowing when I was going to finally land a job.  My family spent some time in AZ with my wife’s parents, and I took my kids to various zoos, science centers, and museums the entire time I was out of work.  We even all went to the theaters for a movie, Minions I think.

That time was spent on us connecting as a family, and rebuilding my relationship with my sons.  It really was a precious time.

Once I finally got hired, I was placed in sales.  The base salary is a net of $1,200 a paycheck and I’m paid every two weeks.  I’m supposed to make commission on top of that, but that hasn’t quite happened yet.

It appears that my company is in the middle of a turnaround, and hiring new sales staff is part of that.  They basically spent no time training me before throwing me to the lions.  Everything I’ve learned about security systems and sales has been through my own inquiry.  Due to this, I’ve made a lot of costly mistakes.

None of my jobs that I have sold are profitable.  If they aren’t profitable then I don’t get commission.  So I’m still heavily relying on my base salary.  Which, frankly, isn’t enough.  So Jenn has started babysitting every Monday for a friend to make some cash.  She’s also been selling her (blood) plasma at the local clinic.  I would sell my plasma too if I wasn’t already working 65 hours a week.  I don’t mind long hours, but long hours without enough pay is frustrating.

But I’m very optimistic!  Everyone at work, including fellow salesmen and a couple of managers keep telling me to be patient.  I’m talented, I’m good, I work hard, I will be successful, I just need to wait.  This past week I realized that they were right.  Out of 11 salesmen, I’m in 4th place this month.  Even though all my jobs were losers, I’m outselling a majority of the team.  I’ve already made quota this month, and it’s only month 2 for me.  Apparently that’s a big deal.  The sales manager is impressed.  It feels good to impress people.

There’s a bonus of $500 when you make quota, so that will help make up for the missing commission.

My wife and I are so very grateful for all your support this year.  Your encouragement and patronage keeps us afloat emotionally.  Our marriage and family are amazing, which is a whole ‘nother post.  And you have been a big part of that.  Thanks again!!!

Here are some other things I’ll be writing about during the 12 days of Christmas.

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It’s late and I didn’t edit this.  Apologies.

Merry Christmas


5 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas: Day 2

  1. It’s a very frustrating time for you and your family, but it sounds like things will get better. Soon commissions will start to happen, and eventually you won’t be working such terrible hours. There will be more time to spend with your lovely family. Look forward to that! Some periods in life exist so that you can feel better later about having got through them, I think.

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  2. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing! Hopefully you’ll start getting some good commission on your sales. It’s frustrating, though, to have to learn the ropes that way, though. I guess it forces one to be a fast learner!

    I’m ecstatic that your marriage and family relationships are doing so well. Having that kind of support is amazing (and very needed). I hope that the finances start to improve soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Intriguing titles!!! Looking forward to them post-technical-speedbump!

    Congratulations on the sales… so impressive. They are lucky to have you!!!!

    You’ve been amazing on all fronts this completing year… this new one looks so promising… Happy New One!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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