Fake Typing

So I’m fake typing right now for some “B roll” in the documentary.  They’re getting shots of me typing on my blog.  Soon they’ll record some voice overs of me reading some of my posts.  I’ll be reading the post on Driscoll, the one where I come out to my wife, and the one where I’m concerned about loosing my house for the sake.  So they’re asking me to keep typing.  This will be neat for when you see the movie.

I’m still typing, because now they’re changing the shot.  I can’t believe how far we’ve come in my journey.


6 thoughts on “Fake Typing

  1. I would be nervous having strangers running around the house setting up equipment, watching me and filming. I like things to be more quiet and controlled. But that’s me. I hope this isn’t too nerve-racking for you and your wife. I hope this documentary turns out well and I wish you continued success at work.

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