A Privilege to Share

I got permission to share this song by the artist.  They however wish to remain anonymous and so I ask you to enjoy the song, but please don’t share it.  This person either used to be or currently is a music director for their church.



12 thoughts on “A Privilege to Share

  1. Beautiful.
    I bet the Recovering from Religion Foundation would love to hear this & would be able to help people with it.
    Also, if the artist comes out soon enough maybe a gig at The Reason Rally?

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  2. gosh. still crying. that is my anthem. i tried so very hard to ignore the hypocrisy, the contradictions in the bible, the greed and bigotry. so happy that struggle is over. thanks for this post, very very appreciated. the music was lovely and the words struck deep in my heart

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  3. This is beautiful and my first impulse is to say thank you for blessing us with this. That’s from an old habit which is hard to let go of, which is what the song’s all about.


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