Someone You Should Read @aDisillusionist

Traveling evangelist @aDisIllusionist blogs about his loss of faith and desire to leave religion.


Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, so excuse the choppy writing.

So there’s a new guy in town, he isn’t public with his name yet so I can’t tell you what to call him.  He’s a traveling preacher who has realized fairly recently that he can’t believe in God anymore.  It is his hope to come out of the closet as an atheist within a year or so.  He’s recently started blogging about his struggles.  If you remember where I was this past spring, it looks like he’s in that stage of the deconversion process; lots of conflict and turmoil.

He gave me permission to confirm that he is part of The Clergy Project, and I’ve had a few short chats with him inside of TCP.

I’d like you to read him and possibly follow him.  All the support you have given me is a LARGE part of why I’m doing so well today and I want to pay it forward.  This guy needs support, the kind of support you have given me.

The truth is, I think I’ll soon retire John Jameson and Pastor No Faith.  I’m on the edge of going completely public and I’ll no longer need an alias to hide behind.  The story of my struggles will soon be over, but for the Disillusionist, his are just beginning.


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