“I Like Sundays Now”

One of the benefits of being part of a church is a prepackaged community.  You don’t necessarily have to work too hard to find friends (so longs as you are remotely outgoing).  Leaving church creates a community vacuum, and once you’ve been in a church for an extended period of time, you can be lost as to how to even make friends without church.

In an effort to reward the friends that have been loyal to us, I proposed to my wife that we open up our house every Sunday for football.  We’ll provide the main meal, everyone else can bring sides and snacks.  Open house, everyone is invited.  BYOB.  My wife doesn’t care for football, but she knew our friends did, so she agreed.

It’s been a success.

The last 3 weeks our house has been gradually filling up as more and more friends drop by.  Last week we have some unexpected guest, whom we were happy to see.  The house was loud.  Those playing Cards Against Humanity were cackling, we watching football were yelling, kids were running around the house.  Plenty of chilli and beer was consumed.  It was good.

After everyone left (by about 8:30pm), my wife looks at me and says:

Wife: I like Sundays now.

Me: Oh yeah, why’s that?

Wife: When you were a pastor I hated Sundays. You’d leave so early in the morning, I couldn’t sit with you in church, I had to deal with the kids by myself, then you’d come home breifly for lunch, leave again to prepare for the evening service, while I was running around trying to make sure the children’s ministry was functioning properly.  Sundays were stressful and no fun.  But this, this is different.  It’s just food, friends, football, and fun.  I like Sundays now.

Me: Yeah, Sundays used to be a working day for me, now it truly is a day of rest.

This Sunday we’re making Tacos Carnitas with dry roasted pork shoulder and corn tortillas.  The local team has a morning game so we’re recording it and starting the game at 12:30pm.  Beer this week is Stella Artois and a variety pack from 10 Barrel Brewing.

Bring a side, snacks, or beer to share.  Doors open at noon.  You’re all invited.


19 thoughts on ““I Like Sundays Now”

  1. I love Sundays now too. They are truly a day of rest, refreshment and fun. They used to be full of apprehension, social awkwardness, bitten tongues, judgmental attitudes, followed by relief when the services were over. What a difference an embracement of reason and reality can make!

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  2. Even when I was still hesitant and uncertain about my agnosticism/atheism, the one thing I loved unabashedly was having my Sundays back. My weekends are 1000% better without church.

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  3. Regular gatherings with friends is a great way to spend the time you’re no longer devoting to church. My primary activity is role-playing games currently on alternating Saturdays. We used to do them in person, but over the years people have moved. Fortunately, we have internet options to bring everyone together while they’re miles apart.

    Oh, and if you guys like Cards Against Humanity, I have another one to recommend that you’ll probably love: Superfight. The premise is that you have two stacks of cards, one with different people (a robot, a shark, Teddy Roosevelt, etc.) and one with different modifiers (super powers, tools, resources, making more than one of them, etc.). Two people draw to build a character, and they then argue about who would win in a fight. After the arguments, everyone around the table votes for the winner, then it goes to the next person who builds a character to fight the winner, and it continues on from there. I played it with friends earlier this year on the way back home from GenCon Indy, and it was a blast. Best quote of the game was, “Alright, fine. Then YOU get to deal with the three mad scientists in the Pope-mobile. Good luck with that.”

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