Quick Update on things to come

I’m back from the in-laws and have picked up a few side jobs for cash.  They’ve been keeping a little too busy to write a lot.  I do have a few posts that need to be edited and I’ll publish them shortly.  I’ve been working on a few names for a new blog, here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to:

  1. Accidental Atheist
  2. Accidental Agnostic
  3. Former Pastor
  4. Good Bye God

#1 is my favorite but I’m worried it’s a little too forward/too soon for my former church members.  But it is also the most honest.  #3 is something that is true and everyone can understand, without being too offensive.

I plan on making a blog, Facebook Page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, and Gmail account so short and sweet is the point.

My wife and I had to purchase a computer, but we also purchased a camera.  I think I’m going to create a vlog to come out public with.  I want to answer one question per video, and I’m going to gently reveal that I have become an atheist.  While my writing abilities have improved over these last few months, I’d rather stick to what I do best, talking.  I want to give as little room for misinterpretation as possible, so Facebook posts and blog posts won’t do.

Patrons will get first viewing.  I’ll post the videos on here at the same time I post them on Facebook.

Wish me luck.


15 thoughts on “Quick Update on things to come

  1. Just as a thought upon reading these, you could possibly use something like Unintended Questioner or Accidental Doubter, or something along those lines. From what I’ve read, while the lack of belief in God may be the most disruptive event for you, I’ve also seen you question how some people that call themselves Christians can be callous and at times cruel to others, like gays for example. The Bible may dictate such actions to be just, but the Bible says that about a lot of things that we don’t do anymore because we know they’re wrong. Anyway, my point is that the name doesn’t have to be all about not believing in God. He doesn’t even have the courtesy to exist, so why should he get all the attention when there are real people out there that need the mirror turned on them and the question posed, “What the hell are you thinking?”

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      • No. I know what you’re trying to say there, but it sounds like you only accidentally started to care about people.

        4. Is terrible. You don’t say good-bye to imaginary beings, and I honestly think it would be the most offensive to your parishioners. “How could you just say good-bye to God?” ‘Outgrown God’ might be more honest, but still going to be offensive, IMO.

        2. Is too wish washy.

        3. Is too plain and boring.

        4. Is the winner, IMO. Catchy with that alliteration and I love then A.A. connection. “My name’s John and I’m a former Christian.” All: “Hi John.” I also think that it will be fine with your parishioners (well as fine as it can be.) The accidental part might even give them hope for you. 🙂

        I am also very happy you have found some work. I hope more permanent things are in your immediate future.



  2. Remember that whatever you choose may be with you for many years to come. Well after you may have left many of your church members behind. I realize why you don’t want to alienate them, but you also want something you want want to change 5 years down the line.


  3. wow… if talkin is better than writing, will be mindblowingly amazing

    Thanks always for your commitment to truth, reality, getting to the core of things, and willingness to share the exploration…

    If only you could be paid what that’s worth!!!

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  4. If you ask many Christians what an “atheist” is, you’ll find that their understanding of the word does not match yours. You may as well say “Suddenly Satanic”. I would encourage you to pick a name without as much baggage, and force them to at least read an “About” paragraph before judging you. : ) (This is assuming that Christians are a significant part of your target audience).
    My un-solicited suggestions are: “Beyond Faith”, or “Embracing Reality”, focusing on Is instead of Is Not, as others have pointed out.


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