Christian music

I’m stuck in the back of my father in law’s pick up, halfway between the Grand Canyon and our destination. They’re playing the contemporary Christian music and I just want to puke. God this music is awful. I’ve never liked CCM but now it’s just revolting.

These songs way over sell God. God will catch me when I’m falling? Really?! Well where the hell is he now? God calls me his friend? Well he’s the shittiest friend I’ve ever had. My real friends do outrageous things like…talk.

My favorite song,

“what if you’re wrong?”

No, fuck you, what if you’re wrong?! Will you apologize to every parent who believed their children were in danger of burning in hell? Will you apologize to every gay person for telling them there was something wrong them? Will you apologize to every person who cried themselves to sleep praying that God would help them?

I’m not the type of atheist who thinks religion “poisons everything”, but I’ve seen it do real harm and damage to people. Christianity is not benign. It’s either true and therefore necessary, or its false and should be abandoned for the damage it does to people.

Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.

What does it actually do? Seriously, what does God’s love do?

Argh…can’t wait for this car ride to be over.


10 thoughts on “Christian music

  1. dude. don’t you have a phone and ear buds? if not, get some at the next stop they are relatively inexpensive and if it keeps you from throttling your out-laws it’s money well spent. play your own music! and remember he is still either deluded or brainwashed. pick one and pity him.

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  2. He might as well just started absentmindedly hitting you with a hammer, after all the stuff you’ve gone through. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize your face was right there.”

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  3. I found this one of the best things about being an atheist – I no longer have to be a jerk for jesus. I no longer believe I’m “supposed to” bombard friends and family with jesus crap.

    He knows you lost your faith, right? He knows it cost you your job. He knows you’re hurting. Yet it doesn’t occur to him that playing really bad happy jesus music in a place you can’t leave is simply awful. Or he thinks it’s like a magic spell and if you hear really bad happy jesus music you will start believing again.

    You should feel sorry for FIL still stuck in that delusion (it beats strangling him 🙂 )

    Sympathies. It will get better.


  4. I’ve thought a lot over the years about whether faith in an imaginary god can have substantive benefits. I waffled about this for quite some time, mostly because of my personal situation. My mother, now passed, had very strong faith in the presence of hard times raising 6 kids alone on modest child support and a secretary’s salary. We ate a lot of beans and oatmeal, and yet, we did just fine. But she didn’t. She suffered from depression and cried a lot in her bedroom with the door shut. Every step of the way, she depended on god to get her through. And he did, in a synthetic sort of way. Up until Alzheimer’s dulled her reasoning, she believed with all her heart that god gave her the strength to carry on.

    I have wondered for years whether my Mother would have been better off if she didn’t have an imaginary friend that gave her daily strength and emotional support. My conclusion after years of contemplation is that she would have been better off if she sought and depended on relationships with real people. A magical friend may feel good to certain personalities and may even help them avoid literal insanity, but the almighty imaginary god ultimately disappoints and harms everyone who believes in the strength that isn’t there.

    Back to your blog: It made me smile to read that contemporary Christian music makes you puke. My occasional attempts to tune in make me feel kind of icky, followed by undirected anger and frustration. I am now convinced that blind faith in an imaginary god harms people generally. While Christian music can touch people inside, the coded words and phrases are only decoration that masquerades as nourishment for those that desperately want to feel better. Yuk! Puke!

    I thank you for your effort to get your story out. It means a lot to me.

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    • My sympathies for your mother. I have to say though that I think your conclusion is right. Without belief in an imaginary friend, that means the inner strength that kept her going was just that, strength from within that she would have no matter what. I only hope she didn’t allow her belief in God and an afterlife to lessen the importance of this life and the people she knew in it.


  5. Tonight I went with my husband to a singing at a little country church. All night I was thinking about your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad truck music…. and your questions — which I take as rhetorical, but as someone leaving the door open to maybe some sort of transcendence in the universe, for me they touch on wonderings I have. The songs ran the gamut — some made me think, Well, that might be nice to think; others, Horrors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The truck ride made me start to appreciate just a glimmer of all the adjustments all of you are making. I would say, honor all the energy that has to be requiring. Thank you so much for wrestling with these ideas, so honestly, and sharing it.


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