Facebook Conversations

So I’m starting to slowly (very slowly) explain EXACTLY why I left the church. It started when one of the church members asked a load of questions publicly on my Facebook profile.   It’s a little intense but so far it’s been respectful.  Most people are still in shock.

If you remember the Friendly Facebook Stalker (FFS), she wrote to me wishing that all of you could see this interaction. I agree but I don’t want the PNF social media accounts attached to my personal Facebook page.

But some of you have contributed to me financially, and I feel I have very little I can do to repay you. So for all my Patrons and those who gave one time donations via PayPal, I will give you the information on how to find me on Facebook. Once you find me, I ask that you never mention JJ, PNF, the Clergy Project, or this blog. I also ask that you refrain from commenting on posts regarding my lack of faith. I want my former church to process this at their own pace. If you have any input on how the Facebook conversation is going, either message me privately or come here to this blog to comment.

It might take me up to a week to get you this information. But as you had a sneak peek into my life through this blog, I would be honored to let you watch it happen in real time on my Facebook.


6 thoughts on “Facebook Conversations

  1. Share what you feel comfortable sharing — even anonymous, your blog has helped many and has the potential to help even more.

    Best of luck in all of this, and I hope that you can still come out with some of your good and close friends from the church. But no matter what, you have us! 🙂

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  2. dude. you’ve been thru a lot. take a breath. chillax for a moment. share what you wish. there were no strings attached to my very small donation, and i sure wish it could have been more. hope your inlaws are kind and that you and your wife find the rest and restoration and renewal you . pretty sure your readers here aren’t your judging you in any way. we’ve all been there, one way or another. baby steps for now. baby steps.

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  3. J J, you will always owe me exactly zero. This is one of those deals where “some people think giving is like a 2-way street — you give and you receive back. But giving is like a river — you receive, and then you give to the next person — and they to the next… and it goes on like that all down the stream.” (I think this was in an autobiography from a Uganda survivor long ago)

    I feel like Richard, that even tho I know the FB conversations are compelling, seems like that would be maybe like your face-to-face conversations, that you write about as time and inclination allow…. tho I appreciate FFS’s appreciation of their value.

    I wonder — would it raise any questions if suddenly you are getting a bunch of new FB friends?

    So I am appreciative but as usual, irresolute : ) Many many thanks

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  4. I’d love to be in touch with you on FB but not particularly to be a fly on the wall – just because I admire you as a person and would be proud to be your friend in real life. So you do whatever you feel like doing with Facebook – I don’t think that a single one of us supporting you in any way that we can feels that you owe us anything. I’m glad that your more public coming out is going ok so far.


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