A note before a thank you list

So one of the perks of being my Patron is a note in my blog mentioning your name.  I noticed that some of my Patrons specifically noted that they would not like to receive this benefit.  I imagine that’s for anonymity reasons.  So here’s what I’m going to do; if you would like (or at least not mind) a mention in my blog, then I request that you send me expressed written consent to mention you.  Without this consent I will not mention you by name in this blog.  Please send consent to my email faithlesspastor at gmail dot com

But in case there is a mix (you give consent but I fail to mention you) know that I appreciate everything you guys have done for me.  It’s not just about the money, but your desire to support me emotionally!!!  This means the world to me and I’m so grateful to everyone of you.

At this point I would normally say “God Bless You!” but…yeah

May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage!



4 thoughts on “A note before a thank you list

  1. You’re welcome to mention “Elizabeth.” — it’s just my usual m.o. to be anonymous online whenever there’s a choice. (maybe “paid content” won’t release until the cards have been charged? — tho maybe that’s already done) Hoping all kinds of good things for you & yours!!!!

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  2. I just sent you a private email indicating consent, but if you don’t get it it, or it gets caught in the spam filter, I thought I’d leave you consent to use my name (in part or in full — up to you) here as well! Wishing you and your family all the best!

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