A Case for Patreon

So after listening to many of your suggestions, I have set up a Patreon account and would love it if you supported me.


What I’m hoping to do with Patreon is use it as a savings account created and funded by my readers.  I will not touch the Patreon money until I quit/lose my job.  Here’s what I’m asking of you:

  • I have 150 “visitors” to my blog a day, for several days, every time I make a new posts
  • If half of that number of people would donate $1 per week ($4 per month) that would provide my family with a $300 per month cushion
  • If we could increase that by $0.25 per week ($5 per month) that would be $375 per month

Now I’m obviously not going to make a living on that, but that’s not chump change.  $300-$375 extra a month would stretch a long way in my home, and to you I would be forever grateful.

Here’s the big ask: Can you spare $1 a week to help my family?  And if you are feeling extra generous, could you throw in the extra quarter for $1.25 a week?

Thank you for all your support through these past months.



13 thoughts on “A Case for Patreon

  1. Are you planning on resharing or making new content for Patreon backers? I have no problem sharing the link around publically, but I know you’re needing to lock down the security, so I don’t want to openly share the password to see your posts. Without access to your writing, it’s kind of a hard sell. If there’s going to be content distributed through the Patreon, however, then there’s something that can be marketed.


  2. Supposedly Patreon is working on a way to make a one-time donation. That would work better for me. As a closeted skeptic with a non-skeptical and sole breadwinning husband, I’d have a tough time explaining a monthly “subscription.” However, a one-time credit card charge would raise no red flags at all. A girl’s gotta shop 🙂


  3. The password isnt working for the “slowly” post immediately before this one. (I can see all other protected posts with the password provided previously.)

    Intentional or typo or am I just special?

    Thanks. (I want to read it!)


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