When being asked to interview, demand beer

As I mentioned earlier, the documentary team was in town the last two days.  I had emailed the director just to let her know some of the happenings including the recent meeting with the employers.  She asked if she could do a before and after interview with me.  I said sure:

Me: But I want to be paid…in beer.

Kid you not, she gave me 4 22oz bottles of my favorite beer after we wrapped up the interviews.

My next demand? I asked to be invited to the premiere of the film, wherever it may be.  Hopefully I can afford the trip.

I’m thinking London would be nice.

hint hint wink wink nudge nudge


5 thoughts on “When being asked to interview, demand beer

  1. I am impressed and awed that you are doing this documentary. I don’t expect it to affect the faithful, but I think it might help many people who lack your courage and conviction to face their doubts head on.

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  2. I agree Jim^^^. I for one have come out of the religion closet to my friends, but only a few family members (my kids and a niece). Your posts are another venue of strength and courage for me. Thanks so much.


  3. The Pogues famously had a choice of record contracts, and chose the one that gave them beer. Also, Robert Rodriguez paid a lot of the cast and crew of his first film, El Mariachi, in cerveza.

    Not to mention, of course, that beer was a portion of the payment for those working on the pyramids. I’m just saying, beer has a long and storied history of being used as payment.

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  4. I hope it happens! i’m tired of hearing lies it is such a relief to hear the truth in your posts. really wish i could afford to donate monthly. is it possible to make a one time donation on patreon?


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