Shot down….twice (Angry Swearing Ahead)

Content warning:  Sorry, angry swearing ahead.

The brewery owner replied to email about scheduling an appointment with a “I’m not available and we’re not hiring at this time.”  He then followed it up with a “but feel free to email me your ideas and I’ll consider them when we hire in the near future.”


You’re the one who told me about the job opening, you’re the one who told me to submit my resume, you’re the one who told me you’d review it and get back to me.  AND THEN you told your employee to email you directly scheduling a time.  Listen, I get that you’re busy, but you don’t have to be a dick about it.

But… I need a job so I’ll probably email him.

Fuck me.

Then I got an email this morning from the sales manager at Mark’s company, “thanks for your interest and idea but I’m looking to build my team with people who are experienced in sales.  If I head in a different direction, I’ll be sure to revisit your application.”


Listen readers, I can’t tell you what (Christian) company this is or what I’d be selling… but I’ve been teaching the bible for almost ** years, I’ve used their product, I know their customers…IF I’M NOT QUALIFIED TO EVEN GET AN IN PERSON INTERVIEW, WHO THE FUCK IS?! There is literally no one, NO ONE, who knows their customers and their needs better than I do.  NO ONE!  Some salesman off the street isn’t going to know half the shit I do.  It’s the reason Mark got hired, because of his background and experience as a pastor.  And now Mark, in 2 years, is running one of their major departments, YOU STUPID FUCK sales manager.

Sorry, I’m really having anger issues today.

Mark is PIIIISSSED.  He might pull rank and get me an interview.

Me: Thanks for helping with the sales position.  However, [sales manager] will not be interviewing me since I don’t have formal sales experience.

Mark: WTF

I’ll talk to him later today.

I’m not sure I want to be hated by my future boss.

But… I need a job so I’ll probably interview if he can swing it.


10 thoughts on “Shot down….twice (Angry Swearing Ahead)

  1. Assuming you get and interview AND you get hired AND you do a kick arse job in Sales your future boss wouldn’t hate you. A good boss would admit he made a mistake prejudging you. A good man would too. So would a good Christian.


    • This assumes “good” applies, and not “petty”, “jealous”, “vindictive”, or “hates to be proven wrong about anything”. Not trying to be negative here, but I’ve seen bosses of all stripes. Let’s hope this is a good one.

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  2. I’m just a PK/skeptic, and never worked full-time in ministry, so I haven’t faced the exact problem you are facing. But I’ve been through several job transitions in the last 40 years, and at least one was similar in that it involved a leap between two seemingly unrelated careers: orchestra management and editorial acquisitions for a technical publishing house.

    The best advice I got around that time was to pick up a book called What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles. It’s a deeply detailed workbook for analyzing your skills and experience, determining where they could be applicable in unrelated careers, and most importantly, how to catalog and sell your experience as precisely what the employer is looking for.

    If you haven’t already been told about this book, please go find it–available on Amazon or in most retail bookstores. I used it 21 years ago to land the job I still have, and it’s still around, updated into new editions every year. It’s a goldmine–I can’t recommend it enough.

    Wishing you much luck–there are good things around the corner.


  3. As a hiring manager, I can tell you that sometimes we jump the gun based on what we see on paper. Your resume may just not have had the buzzwords and/or business experience that he is predisposed to look for. Sales Managers are also notoriously pig headed and have a hard time admitting that someone not from a “traditional sales background” could possibly be a good sales person (there’s kind of a sales fraternity that they all feel apart of). He may see Mark as a fluke…Or think you would not be happy in sales for very long. If he’s lazy, he may actually not hire you, because you WOULD be successful in the company and then he’d have to find another sales person a year from now. I’ve worked with hiring managers who thought this way. For real. You will be amazed at how easy it is to be successful in the “real world” as compared to being a pastor!

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  4. Can you set up a meeting with the lady? She sounds influential. Say you need advice because people assume pastors are self righteous and bigoted and you don’t know how to communicate that you cuss like a sailor and drink beer. And that you get along great with anyone who values those skills.

    Good luck!

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  5. Ugh, how ridiculous that they passed you over like that without even a thought! Pastoring *is* a sales position — you’re getting people to show up and give you money every week in exchange for an -idea- and a -community-, not even a tangible product or service! If you can do that, you can sell anybody’s widgets. Hopefully someone will be able to finagle an interview for you, and maybe the organization you’re working with thanks to the TCP grant will be able to fine-tune your resume to show how awesome you are more accurately. Good luck!


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