So I’m trying out this password protected post thingy.  Leave comments on how well you think it works.  I’m interested, if you normally get emails from me, what happens when I do a password protected post?

I want to give you guys a brief update:

TCP has awarded me the Employment Transition Assistance Grant.  Essentially they have hired RiseSmart on my behalf, to help me with finding employment.  They’ll be helping craft my resume, decide what kind of jobs work best for me, give me national job leads, etc. over the next 6 months.  I guess this is a $2k service.  I’m grateful for being approved.  I’ll be talking with my job coach this Thursday afternoon.

More from the Brewery:

I’ve talked with several employees at the brewery I was applying to.  They all mentioned that the owner is super busy all the time.  Like chicken running around headless busy.  They gave me a tip of how and when to find him.  I’ll be going in tomorrow morning around 10 in an attempt to nail him down.

More from Mark:

My buddy and fellow atheist-ex-pastor has been helping with my resume for his employer.  I hope to hear back from today to see if he’s handed it over to the sales manager.

More about my wife:

She’s clearly wrestling with her faith lately.  Looks to me like the beginnings of deconversion, particularly the anger.  She clearly stated she’s not angry at me but what I’ve told her over the past 2 months have made her angry, and made her angry often.  Like “where the hell is God” angry.  I heard her say this weekend to a friend:

Wife: Jesus says “Don’t worry about tomorrow” but if that were really true, if God was really in control, there’s no way I’d be in this situation.”

I’m really not interested in deconverting her, so I have mixed feelings.  But it’s nice to know that my wife thinks I have a point and I’m not crazy.

Sorry.  No time to edit.  Grammar Nazi’s, please forgive me.



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  1. This post is password protected. You must visit the website and enter the password to continue reading.

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    • That’s what I got when I got the e-mail about this post (minus the URL & stuff like that).

      Glad to hear you got the grant! That’s great! Good luck on the job front!

      As to your lovely wife…I know you didn’t want to/mean to de-convert her, but this isn’t really your doing. If TBWSNBN had not stepped in, you wouldn’t be where you are. So really, TB is a big part of your wife’s crisis. Also, really, for you and your family, this is a good thing really. If she loses her faith, or even just enough of it to leave behind the more problematic stuff, you won’t have issues later with your children and how things go with them and their beliefs.

      Maybe, if she either doesn’t fully de-convert, or if any of you want that “church feeling”, you can give the UU a try. At least there, no one will tell you how to believe in whatever god, and no one will tell you to “have faith”. And if that’s not for you guys, then at least you will be able to know that she doesn’t blame you. She is putting the blame where it belongs. Whatever happens, she is finding her own way, just as you did. If there was a god, this would be a prime time for him to “perform a miracle”. And, if she needs her faith badly enough, she will produce one via a dream, or whatever. Otherwise, she just may have had this coming anyway. Maybe not today, maybe not for many more years, but someday. And, well, isn’t it better to know the truth now, than live a lie for another decade or so?

      My best to you and your family.

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  2. I’ve become convinced that it’s definitely best to let loved ones and friends go through their own journey, just like you’re doing with your wife. Planting seeds of rational thought are good, but then we should back off. Hoping for the best for you guys! (Logan at

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  3. Congratulations on the grant! Are you wanting to stay wherever it is that you’re currently living, or are you open to moving? Both present their own problems. Moving means….. well…. moving and all that entails. New house, new neighbors, new schools, etc. Staying means having to live next to all the things that you gave up, and the people you used to be around. Both are going to be different.

    I think it’s good that you’re stepping back and letting your wife work through her own beliefs. Regardless of what she believes, as long as you’re there for each other things will work out.


  4. Hi.  I can’t get on your blog.  I must be dumb as a post but I thought the password was the acronym for “the one that I hate”. Totih.  If this isn’t correct then I have no idea.  Really hate to miss your updates on how things are going for you.

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  5. From your email “[New post] Protected Posts”
    If I click the url I go to
    “Protected: Protected Posts
    “PNF /2 hrs ago
    “I’m just testing out the password protected posts feature on WordPress. I didn’t realize I could do this.”

    From your email “[New post] TCP & TAG”
    If I click the url I go to
    “Protected: TCP & TAG
    “PNF/1 hr ago
    “So I’m trying out this password protected post thingy. Leave comments on how well you think it works…..”etc

    If I google “Pastor No Faith” I go directly to the “Home” tab for
    “Protected: TCP & TAG
    “So I’m trying out this password protected post thingy….” etc

    If I click then on the tab for “Private Page,” I go to
    “Protected: Private Page
    “Nancy’s blog.

    But I can’t get to the first “Protected: Protected Posts” without going back to the email. Maybe when you post a second one, the first disappears from the web site access?

    I didn’t have to use the password for any of this, probably because I allow cookies?

    Excellent that you’re TAGged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • P.S.
      A difference may be that the whole message does not show up in the email now.
      The “LOL OMG” post from 7/23 was wholly in the email… but now clicking on the url doesn’t work — I get a “page not found” message.
      The “Private Page” tab (Nancy’s url) stays the same always.

      o boy : )


    • Just discovered that I CAN get from one protected post to another… the “earlier” & “later” links are between the post and the comments. Steep learning curve! ….Sending good wishes


  6. My RSS feed at summarized this post as “This post is password protected. You must visit the website and enter the password to continue reading.”

    Congrats on the ETAG! and good luck to your wife. I imagine she could use some support through all of this, and doesn’t even have a TCP-like forum to turn to. I wish I knew of a decent forum for people questioning their faith like that. I imagine that the transitory nature of her situation would make a long-lasting community difficult.

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  7. Also, getting off-topic from this post but relevant to your blog in general: The Clergy Project’s blog just reposted an old piece by you, but with a stale link to the original post that you deleted. I don’t know if there is anything that can/should be done about that, but I figured you should know.
    links to
    which doesn’t exist.


  8. I didn’t have to enter the password to read this. Does entering it once work for the whole site?

    And are the replies hidden as well, or do we need to be careful with what we say here?


  9. So glad to hear you got the grant. Good luck with the brewery position – though maybe the job coach and employment service can get you something even better.

    And best wishes to your wife during her crisis of faith. All of God’s promises in the Bible are comforting, but when they’re actually needed, but not kept… well, one can either keep making excuses for God (“God answers all prayers, but sometimes his answer is ‘no’.”) or actually start confronting the unpleasant truth. Sounds like your wife is brave enough to do the latter.


  10. Okay, so I’m a dummy The computer has only been on sleep for the past couple of days, so I hadn’t refreshed the browser and only just realised that there were these three posts here! So glad to hear about the TCP grant and for them to be working with you to get you back out there into the job market! Just think, one day in the future you’ll be looking back at this having come out the other side and you’ll be able to help other people in your shoes make their transition out of religious life too. You might never have expected to be in this position and you sure as hell never wanted it, but one day it will all be a huge learning curve that you will have gone through and as a result become someone else’s go-to authority on the subject. Looks like you’ll be doing the work of a ‘pastor’ in some ways for many years to come! Lol. So happy for you all right now! x


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