Quick Update

I’ve got a bigger update coming sometime tomorrow over at Nancy’s blog, but I want to tell you about something real quick.

TCP has a Transitional Assistance Grant which I’ve signed up for and have been accepted to.  From what I can tell it’s a career coaching service paid for by TCP.  I’m not sure what it all in tails, but I’m hoping they’ll help me find a job.  This may mean my job search will spread nationally, which I actually hope to avoid.  My wife doesn’t want to move and I don’t want to move her, but I have to keep ALL my options open.

It’s also more of a loan than a grant.  They’ve asked if I’d be willing to pay it back to help preserve the service for future TCP members.  In theory I do want to pay it back, but I also don’t want to get stuck with a $2k bill if I don’t get a job.  I was assured that I don’t need to worry too much about that.  Well, ok then.  Let’s hope they can find me job, and somewhere close by.

Check Nancy’s blog tomorrow for a bigger update and more of an explanation of why I went dark.

Comment on the private page please.


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