LOL OMG – That awkward moment

This isn’t the update you’re expecting.

It always pays to have an effective Facebook stalker as a friend.

It seems Friendly Facebook Stalker discovered that little miss self righteous, TBWSNBN, is a fan of 50 Shades of Grey. Now don’t get me wrong, if you need to spice it up in the bedroom then may the FSM & his noodly appendage help you, but if you’re going to play little miss crusader… then maybe you should have more holier than thou reading material.

She also a fan of Ellen. Pity Ellen is in the “grips of Satan” like I am…you know, seeing she’s a lesbian.

Oh the hypocrisy of some people.


5 thoughts on “LOL OMG – That awkward moment

  1. Interesting… Try not to get too high on the giggles and irony though. Perhaps there will be a way to use this info to make her actually realize her hypocrisy… Who knows? Perhaps the awful dealings you are having with her might be the last time she makes someone’s life miserable?


  2. Oh, ha ha ha. I caught a self-righteous Mennonite “friend” of mine reading “50 shades” at her sons soccer practice!!!! Gross….I hope that made you laugh. I can’t imagine your stress but I just want to show support. You will get through this and be a better person for it. Hugs

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  3. Well I finally managed to catch up on all the back-posts and boy, has it been one helluva roller-coaster ride! I’ve been up reading since the wee small hours of this morning and been both moved to tears and spitting with anger (at TBWSNBN) alternately throughout. I know I’m speaking for all your readers when I say I just wish I was able to be there to help you and your family at this time. I may have only stumbled upon your blog via Nancy Drew’s meme this past week, but through your writing I feel as though I’ve come to know an amazing person with incredible strength, compassion and a sense of humour that belies the difficulties you’re going through. Thank you for sharing all of this. Thank you for all your honesty and ability to still show love and concern for others, even whilst struggling through a painful time of crisis. I can see how – recent journey to disbelief aside – you must have been a wonderful pastor!

    If your blog has to be pulled – either temporarily or in the long term – I hope you know that you’ll always have supporters our here who are only too happy to help (be it through crowdfunding, helping to find practical solutions or just a showing of solidarity…whatever).

    Sorry for all the multiple comments and ‘likes’ I have littered your notifications with today! I blame you entirely though. If you weren’t creating such fantastically engaging content, then I wouldn’t have to like it!

    Thinking of you and all your family right now. Much love.

    Take care


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  4. Snicker. Damn, it must be hard to see around that log and spot other people’s eye specks. Does that mean we have to give her attagirls for trying? 🙂 Also, how can anyone like Ellen, but also that disgusting 50 shades crap? Talk about inconsistency!

    Of course, this doesn’t change the situation, which is not good. But sometimes you have to either laugh or cry, and laughter is much better.


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