No real update

I’ve got to go home and talk with the wife tonight.  I sent Kevin an email, seeing if he would mediate a conversation between TBWSNBN.  Essentially I just wanted her to understand that something was being done so she doesn’t have to send text messages to my friends complaining how I shouldn’t be preaching anymore.

Kevin declined the request.  He suggested that the best way to solve the TBWSNBN problem was just to meet with my elders and talk about my “process”.  He offered to be present at that meeting.  That was actually a good suggestion.  It takes the heat off of me having to facilitate that meeting.  I have a feeling though, this meeting will result in either a sabbatical or my resignation.

Unless I hear back from an employer soon, I’ll probably have this conversation at our next scheduled meeting.  The irony will be that this meeting will take place on the anniversary of the vote to install me as pastor.  Yikes!  Let’s lay that on a little thick.


5 thoughts on “No real update

  1. That feeling you have about the sabbatical? You should give it the importance it deserves. The only way you can get out of that mess is proclaim that you are more than able to satisfy your job description. It would be helpful if you could find precedents of famous people that kept their positions in the middle of a crisis of faith.

    Problem is that Christianity is so fragmented that whoever you mention may be judged as heretic and actually worsen your position, so do your due diligence.

    As far as TBWSNBN, you should send an email to all the people the bitch has contacted and put the issue to rest with them. I think at this stage, given your relative positions, you are in a much better shape than she is as far as credibility. If you play your cards right, you can make her come out of this with her reputation ruined.

    Frankly, if it was me, I’d decide to be a god fearing christian for the next few months and tell everyone the crisis has passed just to screw with her.


  2. “Unless I hear back from an employer soon”

    There are two processes happening simultaneously here…

    One is extricating yourself from that little political cauldron that is a church. Meaning political, with a religious overlay…This woman proves my point. She is same-same as a political adversary (been there, done that, as chairman of a Consistory when I was still caught up in all that religious mythology) I also had an adversary – A University professor who was a right-wing ideologue, but got respect by virtue of his status as a Proff. I beat him in Consistory..I had to, or he would have taken that church into a bad direction IMHO. He was a misogynist from the get-go.

    …The 2nd. process is the job-hunt. What applications have you made? They are not employers until you are an employee….Have you narrowed your job search to functions that are a natural fit and extension of “pastoring skills and abilities’? I think of some entry level HR functions, or consulting roles of some sort. Customer relations type stuff…..I’m sure any Company with an opening for a customer service rep. would love an ex-pastor for such a thing….It seems to me someone like you needs to go through a process similar to a High School career counselor, to find the type for functions that fit your background…And then pursue job adverts. accordingly.


  3. “Kevin declined the request. He suggested that the best way to solve the TBWSNBN problem was just to meet with my elders and talk about my “process”. He offered to be present at that meeting.”

    Pls. ignore this if what I am telling you is obvious….I would strongly suggest you delay this meeting until you have pre-arranged your desired outcome…Don’t expect Kevin to save-your-bacon….How to arrange a pre-determined outcome?…..How many Elders are there for this meeting? Five-ten, or wot?….I wud suggest you meet with them individually in advance, or at least those amongst them who carry extra weight whom the rest would follow….Discuss your situation in a way that reflects what you want them to understand….Subtly gauge and influence how you want them to vote/react in that meeting…That idiot woman won’t do that…. If you determine their reactions would not be in your interest, you can prepare yourself. I think if you discuss this with them reasonably, you can influence the outcome beforehand, regardless what that woman comes out with….Don’t go into that meeting ‘naked’ so to speak, and be subject to the whims of others. In other words, know the answer before you ask the question.
    Been there, done that…but won’t bore you with the details here.


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