Morality: Humanism vs Christianity via @drewbekius

Over at the Rational Doubt blog this month, they’re hosting Vacation Bible School for Atheists.  The latest installment is by Drew Bekius on the question of morality.  This is not a overall treatment on the concept of morality, but a comparison between the Biblical approach to serving others verses a humanist approach.  I’ve heard Drew talk about this before and I really like what he has to say.

Humanism does not call for the personal destruction that comes from thinking one must die daily to self. Humanism and its morality does not advocate killing yourself in sacrifice to humanity or to put yourself down in order to elevate others. Instead, the point of humanism is to allow yourself to rise with the rest of humanity. It is to value yourself enough to seek your own personal happiness and fulfillment right along with the others.

It’s worth a read.

Biblical Morality Lesson for Unbelievers VBS #3


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