Surgery Tomorrow

My wife is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.  This is good, because then I don’t have to worry about insurance.  I’m still going to be stuck with a $2k bill, but that’s definitely better than having to put off the surgery or pay for the whole thing out of pocket.  Doctor said there’s a good probability she won’t need physical therapy, also good for insurance and cost reasons.

She has lost much of the feeling in her right hand, and what little feeling she does have it’s all painful.  She can’t even open a can of Pepsi (we don’t drink Coke, and I’m not sure we can be friends if you do).  Ok…who am I kidding…

She can’t open her own beer.

She also can’t cook and even worse… pick up her children.  I’m constantly yelling at her to stop picking up princess, who also isn’t dealing well with mommy’s carpal tunnel.

Surgery tomorrow, 10am EST.


14 thoughts on “Surgery Tomorrow

  1. Good luck with that. Is the $2K a deductible you have? Sounds like a lot of money for simple hand surgery if it’s a deductible. Remember that you can always negotiate and shop around. You’d be amazed what you can accomplish if you do it before the surgery.

    On the topic of Coke, I only drink the “Hecho in Mexico” Coca Cola they sell at Costco and that’s not only made with real sugar, but it comes in the famous glass bottle. I wouldn’t drink the coke they sell in convenience stores if you paid me. Then again, I wouldn’t drink the Pepsi they sell either.

    I heard that Pepsi is also selling a version of their drink made with real sugar, but I haven’t had a chance to taste it yet. I buy the coke by the case and the Pepsi Costco carries is the regular stuff.

    Good luck to your wife. Hopefully this solves her problems.


  2. Hoping for all the best! The $2K bill at the end sucks, but it could be /so much worse/, so there’s that. Plus being able to do those things she can no longer do is priceless. (MasterCard commercial? I’ve seen too much TV.)

    I’m a “lukewarm” soda drinker. I enjoy Coke and Pepsi equally. I know… I’m a heathen.

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  3. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and her recovery is quick. The thought of being unable to use my dominant hand (assuming she’s right-handed?) is terrifying, and it must be all the more debilitating since she has small children to care for.

    I’m glad that she’s able to have this taken care of now, so it’s at least one less thing to worry about with regard to your job and insurance situation. I hope you find something stable and sufficient to live on sooner, rather than later. Best wishes.

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  4. I started reading your blog when the Friendly Atheist mentioned you. This was about the time you needed to tell you wife what was happening.

    In reading through the posts back then, one thing struck me. You said you wanted to tell her all the reasons that caused you to become an atheist, but you wouldn’t because you knew how important her faith is to her and you would do nothing to damage it.

    Later, you wrote that your wife asked you why you became an atheist because she knew you needed to talk about it, even though it would be hard for her to hear about it.

    In the midst of the worst time ever, you both were caring first for the other. Like your own little Gift of the Magi (old short story, O’Henry I think). This is something really special. You’re good people. I think it is this core goodness and decency that has so many rooting for you.

    Hope all goes well today.

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  5. I hope it went well. A friend and I both had carpal tunnel surgeries about 2 months apart last winter. Neither of us needed physical therapy, and the outcomes were both very good. It can take several months for the nerves to fully heal, though, so be patient.

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  6. A fellow Pepsi drinker? Omidog, could you BE any more awesome? Lol.
    Seriously though, am really glad to hear that the good lady wife is getting the medical treatment she needs. Fingers crossed the prognosis for not requiring a ton of physio afterwards bears out also.
    Here’s to small mercies!
    Love & luck to the two of you


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