Exploring Other Job Opportunities

help-wantedSo the owner of the brewery is on vacation.  He emailed me and said he’d get back to me when he returns.  In light of my father’s advice I have also started to apply to other positions.

A local secular charity is hiring an executive director.  I put in for the job but I doubt I’ll get a call back on this one.  Their presence is pretty big in the county.  They do a lot of stuff for low income families and the homeless population.  I went to their website and noticed they already have an assistant executive director.  Why wouldn’t you just promote your assistant executive director to the main chair? This is why I don’t think they’ll bother to call me back.

I am hoping if they do call me back that they’ll discus pay.  The job listing and their website made no mention of how much the salary was.  In fact, in all the job searching I’ve been doing I’ve noticed that an overwhelming majority of professional position opening don’t mention pay at all.  Why?  Why wouldn’t you list the salary along with the job description?  If you’re going to pay $30k/yr then at least let me know up front.

I’ve also been looking into other sales positions.

There’s a saying

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

As I was practicing with the music team this last week I realized how much I loved it, and how it doesn’t feel like work.  I really enjoy certain aspects of my job.  I only hope I can feel this way again with some future employer.


3 thoughts on “Exploring Other Job Opportunities

  1. Hoping the best for you. In regard to the assistant director, I can truly say that not everyone wants to be promoted to the top post. I’m currently in the top management position within my department but I’d be happier if I was a step down (even with the drop in pay). Before I took the job, the senior person on staff was asked if they’d be interested, and they declined. They were happy in their current role.

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  2. Are you researching every job opportunity before applying?…And customizing your resume to that job exclusively? During that research you will get a clue about salary…..At this point salary should be of no concern…..That is putting the horse before the cart….When you receive a job offer, only then can you consider salary…….and decide one way or the other…If they have shown their hand and want you, presumably they will also be prepared to negotiate on salary. How to customize your resume? Too lengthy to discuss here, but I would be happy to do it via E-mail……I’m a professional on these matters and friends of pastors in the past….During my “Christian days”, was an Elder, Chairman of consistory and a constant support for the pastor who was often up against entrenched, overly conservative members of Consistory.


  3. New York City Relief is searching for a Director of Communications

    Maybe New York City Relief is the place for you.

    We seek a Communications Director to lead, coordinate and produce our print, online, broadcast, and social media communications. Reporting to the Director of Development, the Communications Director will:

    Develop and execute a strategic communications plan in support of NYCR’s outreach, special events, fundraising, and organizational achievements
    Craft digital strategy and develop compelling social media content
    Create content for promotional materials and newsletters
    Build and foster relationships with diverse media entities in the NYC area
    Develop the annual communications budget; and manage relationships with a variety of vendors.

    The Communications Director will also assist the President and other key personnel with their media contacts and appearances. As the sole communications professional for NYCR, the Communications Director must be able to build volunteer teams to accomplish goals and be available to work some evenings and weekends.

    NYCR provides a competitive salary and health benefits. Our staff enjoys a high quality, diverse work environment that includes generous vacation, regular staff luncheons, and casual dress. NJ Transit accessible.


    – Project Management
    – Organizational Skills

    – Marketing for Social Media, etc.

    – Knowledge in iWork applications (Pages, Keynote, etc.)

    – Able to work cooperatively across departments (i.e. Development, Events)

    – Knowledge of Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, and inDesign).

    Responsibilities may include the following. Some tasks or projects may be outsourced by staff member due to skill level, time constraints or volunteer availability:

    Print Materials

    Manage all phases of printed material production including: brochures, development promotional materials, newsletters, special mailings, outreach fliers, newspaper and blog articles, t-shirts, logo wear, fundraising event materials, letterhead, business cards, building signs, team training materials, etc. Write and/or edit articles and interview volunteers and success stories.

    Public Relations

    Liaison to any news media contact or inquiries.


    Create and email NYCR html newsletters and other mass emails utilizing Constant Contact.

    Web Design and maintenance

    Responsible for ongoing website maintenance. Manage and post to social medias channels.


    Shoot photos to document testimonies, stories, progress, success of the organization. Use to communicate mission to volunteers, donors and the public.


    Shoot and edit video for various projects to promote the organization for use in communicating the mission of the organization to volunteers, donors and to the public.

    If you are interested in working hard, bringing life transformation to those experiencing homelessness and joining a God-fueled missionary community of revolutionaries, New York City Relief might be the place for you.

    For over 25 years, New York City Relief has been bringing hope and help to the homeless, poor and addicted in the New York City metro area through our mobile homeless resource centers known as The Relief Buses. Our mission is to go to where the homeless and poor live and die, tangibly loving and journeying with the needy into freedom and life transformation.

    Our method as a team is to passionately pursue intimacy with God and each other. We gather weekly for worship, prayer and discipleship as a staff. This allows us to embrace our own brokenness, giving us the humility and confidence to help those trapped in despair on the streets.

    To submit resume and request application:
    Email: Claudia WIttel

    Please indicate “Director of Communications application” in the subject line.

    Mail: 295 Walnut Street
    Elizabeth, NJ 07201

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