A Big Thank You

thank you note

I can’t believe you are reading this.  Seriously, I look at my “stats” on word press and I see dozens and sometimes hundreds of people coming to my blog every day and I think:

“Holy shit, people are still reading my blog?!”

And not only are you reading it but you have all been so supportive.  You have been my listening ears.  You have been my comforters.  You have been my empathetic friends who have given me the strength to push forward.  I can’t thank you enough for reading.  Even though some of you read and never comment, I know you are reading and that fact alone fills me with hope.

What’s more is this blog is getting in the hands of more and more Christians (and even some pastors) who have yet to admit to themselves that they have become atheists.  I get emails from these people.  So the hope that you have given me, the encouragement that you give me to keep writing, it is making a difference for people just like us, or like what we used to be: People who don’t believe but don’t know how to not believe.

Someone once commented to me that they hope the Clergy Project gets more applications because of my blog.  So do I, and I think so do you.

I hope you stay with me, because I need you.  But I think more importantly I hope we can together break down the barriers of the feared A word…atheist.  Life doesn’t end when your faith does.  You (along with the Clergy Project) have proven that to me, and I think we can prove that to others.  Please share my story with any Christians and especially pastors you know.

I cannot thank all of you enough.


6 thoughts on “A Big Thank You

  1. Thank you for writing this blog, I’ve been reading since you were mentioned in a Facebook post. I wish I could discuss things with my spouse as openly as you do with your wife, I’m very much in the closet.

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  2. Like many others, I’ve recently discovered your blog and am enjoying reading them very much! You may have answered this elsewhere and I haven’t discovered it yet but I was wondering… does your wife know about this blog? I could see where a spouse would feel exposed and maybe a little betrayed by some of your personal revelations, especially if you ever do come out of the closet or if a parishioner puts two and two together and figures out who you are. If she doesn’t know, finding out about the blog may be rougher than coming out to her with your atheism!


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