Please Stop Trying to Explain Why People Leave the Church

Thanks to the Friendly Atheist, I was introduced to this post. You and I, readers, know that people who leave the church often leave for very good reasons. But this post made me think, what about pastors? Pastor “burnout” is a pretty frequent topics, with books and blogs written to explain why it happens and how to prevent it. The common statistic being 75% of pastors burnout.

After going through everything I’m going through, I very seriously wonder what percentage of pastors who “burnout” are actually leaving the ministry because they became agnostic or atheists? How many of my friends and colleagues left the ministry for the exact same reason I will be leaving?

Holly Baer


Christians, I understand your panic. As you see numbers drop in church attendance and fewer and fewer people self-identify as Christian, you fear the flames of Christ are being snuffed out by idolatry and ignorance and you frantically search for reasons as to why anyone would leave the church and its savior. There has been no shortage of articles trying to explain why people are leaving:

“6 things people need to hear from churches (but are rarely said)” 

“Dear Church, Here’s Why People Are Really Leaving You” 

“Six Reasons People Leave Your Church” 

“Losing My Religion: Why People Are REALLY Leaving the Church (It’s not what you think.)” 

“10 Reasons Why People Leave Church” 

You’ve got to stop this; you’ve got to stop trying to explain away why people are leaving the church in droves.

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One thought on “Please Stop Trying to Explain Why People Leave the Church

  1. I followed your comment on Holly’s blog and I’ve now read your blog. I have never been in a leadership position but I came across the Clergy Project a couple of years ago. I have an Anglican background but I walked away from the church in the UK where I had been treasurer over 40 years ago. It may not be obvious from the introduction to my blog but I can relate to almost all that you have written.
    Maybe you could look at this before looking at the Home Page –


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