One of my last ditch efforts to save my faith was to teach this class called “The Truth Project”. It’s basically a course in Christian philosophy taught by Apologist William Lane Craig. It was terrible, and terribly boring.

He makes the same mistake that Ken Ham makes, he talks more about the consequences of what life would be like without God rather than proving God actually exists. The above quote was pretty typical of the statements he would make.

First off, just because YOU FEEL there would be no basis for morality it ethics without God, doesn’t mean there actually aren’t good solid basis for them.

Secondly, so what? What if you’re right? What if ethics can’t exist without God? That doesn’t make God magically exist. Just because you think society would function better with God, doesn’t mean there is a God. It only means we wish there was a God.

Seriously Dr. Craig, what a terrible argument. All your doing is trying to scare people away from atheism, instead of reasoning against the obvious truth that there is (probably) no God. Fear may keep people from acknowledging what’s real, but it doesn’t change reality.

Trust me, I wish it did.


3 thoughts on “Irrelevant

  1. I completely empathize with your struggle. The good news is, atheism is more socially accepted among the irreligious and the “non conventionally spiritual” and they are a growing demographic. It’s still a wrenching experience to walk away from the comfort of your social support net. There are resources available, you’re probably familiar with Ryan Bell and his journey in the year without god experiment.
    As for Dr Craig, I find him to be dishonest in a most self righteous way. For all his apologetic machinations, he is a literalist and and if he prefaced all his debates with this tidbit, the debates would dwindle into the obscurity they richly deserve.

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  2. Hmm. The ‘Truth’ Project was terrible. I had a very good friend send it to me. I could barely resist throwing things at the TV. I was mostly mad at myself for letting this irrational thinking pass for knowledge. Wow, I do feel for you. My best friends are co-pastors at a church, and I seriously don’t think they believe. One comes to my house every Tuesday night and plays music with me. He started doing it trying to convince me to come back to faith. But no we just complain about idots together. I hope he’s happy…but he seems way too depressed.

    I can’t speak for, but since I’ve came out, I’ve been the happiest damned person in the world. Things are greener. Sex is hotter. Food is tatier. I hope you find the same. In fact, I think you will have to as you will find all the congnitive dissonance was weighing you down more than you can imaging. You shall know the truth, and you will be free.

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    • Honestly I’m not sure how things will be different yet. I was already eating the best food and having great sex. The benefits of having the wife that I do. My depression came less from cognitive dissonance and more from trying to succeed financially as the head of the church. I chalked up most of church anxiety as pain old work anxiety.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and respond! It means a lot to me. I hope you’re right about the greener grass, since I’ve pitched my tent here! Lol.


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