When the JW Tried to Convince Me

I have all of 5 followers on Twitter. 5 But I posted my blog “Why God Hates Gays…Apparently” with some well placed hashtags, and I got a response from a Jehovah’s Witness. His opening point(s) were that:

1. The god of the Bible doesn’t hate anyone, but 2. He judges, and his against, certain behaviors.

Which is weird, right? Because killing someone by throwing rocks at someone’s head simply because they fell in love with someone of the same gender and expressed that love sexually, seems pretty hateful.  The JW (we’ll call him Hammer), wanted to express that homosexuality is unnatural and not what God intended.  Then things get weird, because he made a point similar to this (not a direct quote):

This is what it looks like to stone someone to death.

This is what it looks like to stone someone to death.

But the same punishment would have been given out to a straight man who committed adultery or to someone who killed their children by sacrificing them to Molech.

So being gay deserves the exact same punishment and someone who sacrifices their children to an idol?  And yet oddly, the Bible says that the punishment for a man raping a virgin who is single is a small fine and he has to marry her.  So being gay you get treated the same as someone who murders children, but being a rapist you get no punishment.  And of course this devolves into:

Well you have to understand, a raped virgin would have lost her ability to be married.  She would have been financially destitute.  Marriage was a way to make sure she would have been taken care of.

Sounds to me like the one being punished is the victim by being forced to live with, be obedient to, and to have sex with the man who raped her.  How is this justice?  How is this fair? How does this represent a loving god? Here lies my #1 problem with the Bible.  Don’t miss this point by trying to argue something inconsequential!

The problem I have with the Bible is that it purports a god exists and this god is loving, fair, just, and merciful.  However when this god makes a nation and codifies his own laws, they are anything but just, fair, loving, or merciful.

Hammer would like to argue:

God’s original intent for this world was one of peace and tranquility. Man kind sinned and therefore the resulting injustices and evil are the result of our decisions and our sins.  However one day god will wage war against this world’s systems and he will end sin.  Then this earth will be restored to justice and peace.

However, why would I trust the Bible that such a God is just or loving?  Murdering people because they are gay but rewarding rapist is the exact opposite of justice and love.  I asked Hammer, if he could imagine a world where I raped his daughter and the law mandated that she had to live with me, her rapist, everyday for the rest of her life…and yet… if she fell in love with another woman we’d be required to kill her by throwing rocks at her head until she died. Can you imagine a world where my actions resulted in a lighter punishment than hers?

On top of this there are numerous times in the Bible where God either directly kills infants or commands them to be killed.  Imagine a world where being gay is a worse crime than the slaughter of children.  And yet the bible calls this god a loving god, even going so far as to say “God is Love”.


  1. The bible is totally wrong about it’s perception of love and justice.
  2. The bible is totally wrong about it’s perceptions of God.
  3. The bible is totally wrong about both God and love/justice.

Hammer sides tracks this to point out:

Well look how atheists act when they run governments.  Look at communism. Since you atheists can’t do any better who are you to criticize?

Well I’m not a communist. But that’s really besides the point! I don’t know how to build a car but I do know when one is broken. I’ve never created a law, but I do know when a law is evil.  Just because some atheists are terrible people doesn’t mean the Bible is true or that God exists. Hammer side tracks again:

Well it takes faith to believe in evolution, and there’s mounting evidence that Darwin was wrong.

Even if you’re right, it doesn’t change the fact that the laws in the bible created (supposedly) by God are unjust and unloving. Which is the real point overall! The bible portrays it’s god as being loving and just, but then the divine laws are neither. Ergo, the bible is untrustworthy.


3 thoughts on “When the JW Tried to Convince Me

  1. “Man sinned…” Yeah, here’s my problem with that. We’re supposed to believe that God sets moral standards and that God created humans, but the fact the humans he created can’t live up to the moral standards he created is somehow the humans’ fault? That’s just ridiculous. (As is the idea that having his own son sacrificed to himself somehow makes up for that.)

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  2. About evolution, why do religious people always say “there’s mounting evidence ” against it. Or even, that there is no evidence for evolution, There is loads of evidence, if they bothered to study it. There’s so much evidence that you could spend your whole life studying it. But there is absolutely none that would abolish it.


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