Widows Row

These aren't the widows I'm talking about...but I kinda wish they were.

These aren’t the widows I’m talking about…but I kinda wish they were.

So I pastor a multi-generational church. Our oldest member will turn 100 this year on one end, and on the other end my wife is doing a hospital visit for a brand new baby girl born hours ago.

We have a row in our church were a bunch of windows sit, which we have affectionately (and privately) called widows row. They have been surrogate grandmothers to us, and great grandmothers to our children. They have given us and our young children presents, clothes, handmade blankets, and sometimes straight cash. We’ve known them for 10 years, which was before some of them were widowed. I’ve done some of their husbands funerals and their grandchildren’s weddings.

I simply don’t want to leave them. Not now, not ever. FORGET TELLING THEM I’M AN ATHEIST! I don’t even want to tell them I’m leaving the church.

Do I want to ruin my children’s financial future for these ladies? No, but almost! I simply love them and don’t want to lose them.

This sucks.  Can someone take this atheism away?


2 thoughts on “Widows Row

  1. It’s a little hard to put that genie back in the bottle, although sometimes people go back. Do you ever have to tell them? Why don’t you find another job and go on with your life, and just forget to mention that one little thing?

    BTW, have you found the clergy project? Look them up.


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