War in the Bible

arT-armenian-23vfrOverheard at my “Reading through the Bible” group:

Man in his mid 50s:Can we be done with this part of the Bible yet?

Me: Why is that?

Man: Well, I’m kind of getting sick of all these people being murdered and God telling the Israelites to kill the women and children too.

Me: Yeah that’s the tough part about the Old Testament.  We can see all the carnage and evil that comes out in war.  This is why Jesus died.  He taught us a different way.  He took the violence upon himself and commanded us to love even our enemies.

Man: Yeah, lets get back to that.

Never mind that fact that it was God who commanded genocide, and supposedly Christian belief states that God hasn’t changed from the Old to the New Testament.  Let’s just ignore the parts of the bible we don’t like, but don’t tell anyone we’re ignoring parts of the bible we don’t like.


2 thoughts on “War in the Bible

  1. And let’s forget that God and Jesus are the same person. Sure…he killed all those people…but that was yesterday! Today he wants to give everybody hugs!


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